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If you have been injured by the drug Cymbalta, you do not have to suffer in silence. This drug has wreaked havoc on unsuspecting depression, anxiety and chronic pain patients across the United States, and Cymbalta lawyers are joining with injured patients to hold the drug maker responsible for this gross deviation from proper labeling and drug warnings. The FDA recently issued an open letter to Eli Lily for routinely and systematically airing and printing advertisements which minimized the risk of this drug and persuaded patients that Cymbalta is perfect safe. Those having suffered from Cymbalta Discontinuation Syndrome might beg to differ as this drug is linked to the onset of suicidal thoughts and tendencies, mania, depression and physical symptoms. Do not let Eli Lily avoid liability for their refusal to protect patient health and wellness. Speak to a Cymbalta lawyer today if you or a loved one experienced any of the symptoms described above or believe Cymbalta may be responsible for other health problems you are enduring.

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Cymbalta Withdrawal Side EffectsIf you recently experienced injury or suicidal thoughts as a result of your use of the anti-depressant drug Cymbalta, you need a Cymbalta attorney you can trust. A Cymbalta attorney is one with extensive experience in handling cases regarding the adverse side effects of Cymbalta and helping injured plaintiffs receive the compensation they deserve.

Cymbalta belongs to the class of drugs known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI’s). These are very popular anti-depressant drugs that have been on the U.S. drug market since the 1990’s. These drugs regulate the neural chemical known as serotonin which is responsible for mood and personality. Individuals with severe imbalances of this chemical will portray symptoms rendering them incapable of performing typical daily tasks and need medical interventions like SSRI drugs.

While drugs like Cymbalta may work well for certain patients, recent research and clinical studies suggest that discontinuation of Cymbalta leads to very severe and potentially deadly withdrawal symptoms including seizures, dysphoric moods, lethargy, emotional episodes, nausea, insomnia, vertigo and a number of other serious medical issues. The makers of Cymbalta, Eli Lilly, fail to warn consumers of the risks of withdrawal in the drug’s warning label. As such, a Cymbalta attorney can adequately protect consumers’ rights who took this drug believing it to be as safe as it is effective.

In addition to discontinuation and withdrawal symptoms, Cymbalta also causes a significant increase in the risk of suicide for patients aged 18-24. The FDA admits that 11 candidates actually attempted suicide during a clinical trial for the drug and it is only safe when taken under the strictest doctor supervision. Parents of children suffering from conditions like anxiety or depression may encourage their children to seek treatment with SSRI drugs, however the FDA has issued a Black Box warning label to all SSRI’s informing patients that taking these drugs may cause suicidality.

A Cymbalta attorney is a legal representative with passion and dedication to helping people grappling with these issues. A Cymbalta attorney can help injured patients who experienced the adversities of discontinuing Cymbalta. He or she can also help the immediate family members of one who tragically committed suicide due to the effects of Cymbalta.

If you are considering a lawsuit following a negative experience with this drug, you may be curious as to how the lawsuit process is structured. Many potential plaintiffs are hesitant to commence lawsuits for fear they will “drag on” for years like the civil litigation portrayed on television and in the movies. These are valid concerns- however an experienced Cymbalta attorney is well-versed in tactics employed by large drug manufacturers and will ensure that your claim is not ignored or extended for an unreasonable length of time.

Filing a civil lawsuit begins with an initial consultation between you and your Cymbalta attorney. During this confidential consultation, you will share the facts of your case with the attorney and he or she will work with you to decide whether proceeding forward is in you and your family’s best interests. Due to statutes of limitation and other such legal issues, we implore you to pursue your initial consultation as soon as possible.

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